Welcome to Thorne's
Bistro & Cocktail bar in the heart of St Leonard's

Experience our unique blend of classic and contemporary dishes, all served in a setting filled with warmth and a touch of good old British charm. Embark on a memorable dining journey with us at Thorne's.

Thorne's Restaurant

Sunday Roast, cook with love and passion

Every Sunday, Thorne's revives the cherished tradition of the Sunday Roast. Our version features prime, locally-sourced cuts, perfectly paired with golden roasties, vibrant seasonal veggies, fluffy Yorkshire puds, all crowned with a rich homemade gravy. It's more than a meal - it's an inviting tradition at the heart of Thorne's.

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A modern Bistro and Cocktail bar experience in Exeter

For lunch or an early evening treat – and especially suited to theatre goers – we have our excellent  set menu, brimming with cherished favourites. Why not indulge in our oysters with lemon and mignonette? And follow up with one of our excellent  desserts, like our baked cheesecake hedgerow coulis.

Enjoy a food experience like never before.
Visit us on Magdalen Road, Exeter.online.